The 3 best E-Readers to buy


Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Amazon's Kindle Oasis was selected as the best reader of e-books by our team.

It is the device of this category that offers the greater number of functionalities, bigger screen and impeccable constructive quality. This Amazon e-reader is very comfortable to use and the page change buttons are really useful.

The e-reader has an anti-glare screen with built-in lighting that allows reading both daylight and night.

In terms of storage we have here 8GB, twice the most common seen in all e-readers. However, we also have the disadvantage of Oasis not having the option of memory card as in some models of other brands.

The battery stays a little below other simpler models, and that's just for the larger screen.

To fully charge the reader it is necessary about 3h connected to a computer with the USB cable that accompanies the product.

The Oasis has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to download the books directly to the mobile device.


Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is our choice of e-reader cost-benefit. Cheaper than Oasis, it brings a series of features that are sufficient to meet the vast majority of readers.

The screen has backlighting and is also anti-reflective like in the Oasis, it loses only in the same size.

It has support for a good amount of extensions, but also has the disadvantage of being able to use only the books bought on Amazon.

View supported file formats: Kindle 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI without protection, PRC of course; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.

The handling is also easy and comfortable despite a little heavier.

To save your books has 4GB of space, fits about 4 thousand e-books e also it does not have entry for memory card.

The battery life of this one here is phenomenal, it lasts even longer than the first one. The battery is about 6 weeks, but of course, it depends on the use of each reader.

To charge 100%, approximately 4 hours connected to the computer.


 Lev Neo

Lev Neo


The handling is very comfortable, it is very light and still has the buttons to change pages that help a lot.

The screen works well in both dark and bright places.

In storage a welcome surprise, 8GB, enough space for about 8,000 digital books and still has a memory card slot, allowing an increase to 32GB of space. You certainly will never need more than that!

The E-reader reads in ePub, PDF (Adobe DRM), HTML, TXT, FB2 and DJVU formats.

The battery is also long-lasting, you can use the device weeks after a full charge.

If you want a digital reader mainly for PDFs, but that works well with other formats as well. This one is certainly the best choice!