The 3 best Split Air Conditioner you may consider

Ar conditioners

A good Air Conditioners can make a difference in people's quality life. 

Among many split air conditioners in the market, there are those who try to deliver a cheap product, as well as those who strive for excellence.

I intend in this post to show you 3 best options on the market at 2019.

Even if the best air conditioners today are from big brands, we can see, that there is not necessary a direct connection between brand and the models we find.

There are plenty of products in the market, so, in this review we limited our article with the 9000 and 12000 BTUs models.


  • Ar Split Daikin Inverter

Ar Split Daikin Inverter

Daikin air conditioners are an example of a brand that values ​​a long-lasting, high-quality product. The company usually guarantees 2 years in the total product and 5 years for the compressor.

The technology of Daikin Ar Conditioner is Japanese. There are two models Advance and Advance Plus (among these options you have the 9000 btus, 12000btus, hot and cold and only cold.)

The difference is small between the Advance and Advance Plus, the plus equipment have a remote control in which the display lights up in the dark, while the advance only the off button is lit at night.

Other differences between them, are that the more expensive models feature: deodorizer filter, 24-hour timer (in the basics is regressive) and hotstart mode to accelerate cooling or heating.

As for light economy the basic model consumes: 758 Wh for the 9,000 btus version and 1026 Wh for the 12,000 btus cooling.

In the "Plus" models it is even more economical: 632 Wh and 1014 Wh, for 9000 and 12000 btus, respectively. Classification A of economy!

Regarding the noise emits between 21 db and 37 db in the Advance Plus model and between 19 db and 42 db in the Advance. A little less noise than other market alternatives of that level.

This silence, almost absolute, gives a good feeling as if the machine worked round and efficiently.

I used in a room of approximately 9m2, but sometimes I keep the doors open to cool the whole apartment of 38m2. And until that helps! The room is extremely pleasant and the rest of the rooms have a slightly reduced temperature.


  • Ar Split Fujitsu Inverter

Ar Split Fujitsu Inverter

Another Japanese has a great product : The Fujitsu's air conditioners excel at building excellence and durability. I read somewhere that Fujitsu is the world's Mercedes-Benz air-conditioning.

It may even have more functionality in other brand models, but exceptional quality you find in them.

Regarding the technical characteristics, all the models that I researched have A classification in electric energy consumption.

Staying at 1130W / h for the 12,000 btus model and 740 w / h for the 9,000 btus model. Something common in most inverter split. The noise emitted by the evaporator is between 21 and 43 dB, which is very quiet.

  • Ar Split LG Libero E+ Inverter

Ar Split Fujitsu Inverter

The LG Air Conditioner feature a good build quality and beauty. More specifically the versions that integrate the line Iverter Libero E + have superior quality and technology.

The equipment is very quiet and has good cooling and heating power. The dehumidification mode is also useful in times of rain when the air is damp.

As a caveat I would have only two: the remote control did not have any kind of lighting, so at night I had to figure out which button to tighten by instinct; the other is that when we let the air on all night, in very hot times, sometimes it varied the intensity of the wind very often, which disturbed by the noise (it seemed like the sound of the wind of a storm).

According to LG specifications, the noise level is between 19db and 39dd.

In terms of economy this model is very efficient: it consumes 850Wh in the version of 9000 btus and 1040Wh in the version of 12,000 btus.

In the guarantee LG allows a 1 year guarantee for the device even with installation by unlicensed, however the guarantee is only for the device and not for the installation.

The device is economical and quite efficient in the hour of cooling, still great option of apparatus and with a price a little inferior to the Daikin and well inferior to the Fujitsu.