DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent Review

DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent Review

The 14500 BTU DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent was chosen as the best portable air conditioner for us because it fulfills its role of freezing the environment.

Although the airflow of the Pinguino Turbo Silent is not the largest, 330 m³ / h.

The 14500 BTUs and its high power of 1400 w allow it to reduce the temperature of the environment considerably in a short time.

And incredible as it may seem it is also one of the quietest available in the market. The noise level of the conditioner is 51.5 to 54.5 Db.

It also has self draining technology, so you do not need to take out the water that accumulates in the reservoirs.

In some models of portable air conditioning it is necessary to drain the water from time to time for it to continue to function. This is not the case here!

The brand also included in the product a technology called Real Feel, which cools the environment without leaving the air dry.

And a filter that promises to return cleaner and healthier air to the environment.

You'll still find the items we consider basic such as timer, remote control and different levels of fan speeds.

What do not we like?
I start this part by quoting the price, it is by far the most expensive, totally out of market standards.

Precisely because it is the most powerful it ends up being also the least economic, but nothing exaggerated.

The fact that it is very large, 75 × 44.9 × 39.5 cm, also disrupts a bit, especially for those who live in smaller apartments.

Despite these bad points we still think that if you want to freeze the air and need a portable equipment, this is the best air conditioner for you!