LG Titan WD1316AD7 Review

LG Titan WD1316AD7 Review

This is the giant of the washing machines, we consider it the best lava and dries precisely because of its capacity, besides the amount of useful functions that it offers.

It is important to note that as in all lava and dry, the washing capacity is different from the drying capacity, in the case of Titan are 16Kg for washing and 9Kg for drying.

But it is worth remembering that this will not come out for a low price, no, it is very expensive! We only indicate if you really need your high capacity.

Despite its size, it is a very economical machine, both in water and electricity.

As usual at the time of drying it spends a little more energy since it needs a resistance to heat, but it happens in all lava and dries.

Extras Functions
Although it is suitable for larger families who need to wash large quantities of clothing, it also has an interesting program for those times when you need to do little washing.

It's called Low Charge, it calculates the amount of clothing added in the basket and uses only the amount of water needed, making Titan even more economical.

The Fresh Care function ensures that the clothes are not dented if you have to leave them in the basket for a long time after drying.

Another very useful feature is the Turbo Wash that activates a double jet and ensures more speed in washing clothes.

Titan also has a drain filter, which serves to collect small forgotten objects in the pockets of clothing.



  • High capacity
  • Illuminated basket
  • Steam cleaning
  • Silent
  • Economic
  • Many useful functions


  • High price