Lorenzetti Acqua Duo Ultra Review

Lorenzetti Acqua Duo Ultra Review

The Lorenzetti Acqua Duo Ultra has the same qualities as the Acqua Storm Ultra but an extra. It is potent, beautiful, has a great spreader and can still be used as a shower.

It is worth remembering that this extra functionality comes at a price, so if the shower mode will not be used by you or anyone in the family, the Acqua Storm Ultra turns out to be a more suitable option.

There are two power options for voltage 220v, 6800w and 7800w. Already for 127v is only one, 5500w. But they all do the job of heating the water well.

Just as a base number, the average consumption is around 26.50 Kwh, but may vary depending on the chosen power, time, number and temperature of the baths.

The electronic control allows you to change the temperature of the water during the bath. You also have the option of adding or not the stem to the control button.

Just like the simplest model, it has an easy installation system. It really helps and it's safe.

It does not take too much effort to change the resistance. It is possible to do the replacement without uninstalling the shower completely.

Weak point
As it does not have a pressurizer, it is not suitable for homes with low water flow. If this is your case, look for models of pressurized showers.


  • Warms up
  • Electronic control
  • Stylish design
  • Large spreader
  • Easy installation
  • Easy exchange of resistance
  • Shower or shower option


  • Without pressurizer