Philco Rapid 1000 Review

Philco Rapid 1000

The Philco Rapid 1000 is the most cost-effective vacuum cleaner if you compare with others with the same price range. 

It has 1000W of power which equals its brother Easy Clean. Allows greater cleaning if comparing with direct competitors.

One of the main advantages is having the HEPA filter, which Dust Off and Mondial do not have.

Its reservoir is only 1l, smaller than Britannia, yet the advantage of the filter is undeniable for those who are allergic.

There are 5 meters of wire which is a great size for house cleaning.

And what made him ahead of his brother Easy Clean was the fact that it was 2 in 1, making it easy to clean upholstery.

Its weight is 1.9 kg, only 200 grams above the leanest of the comparative.

In addition, its price is only a few reals higher than the last placed of that comparative.