Philips Aquatouch S5420 Review

Philips Aquatouch S5420 Review

The Aquatouch S5420 has won the position of best electric razor because it is waterproof, shave efficiently, have interesting technological resources and have a recharge time of only 1h.

The design of the S5420 is also a differential, it is very beautiful and fits perfectly in the hand, leaving the task of shaving more comfortable. The head of the device is flexible and makes the blades fit the shape of the face, this speeds up the shaving process, leaves less aggressive and more close.

Because it is completely waterproof, it allows you to choose whether to shave dry or using some product. For this reason you can also choose to use it in the bath and wash the blades of the appliance with water.

The downside is that you can only use the S5420 wirelessly while it is charging it is out of order. Remember that it has a "fast charge" function, where you can leave it loading for only 5 minutes to make a beard once.

If you prefer, you can leave the equipment in charge for 1 hour to fully fill your load. This will give you enough energy to keep you turned on for about 45 minutes (15 uses).

The Aquatouch S5420 also comes with a number of indicators that make life easier for you, battery charge indicator, battery low indicator, trip lock indicator, cleaning indicator and head change indicator.

Finally he brings as a accessory a modeler that is attached to the body of the shaver, it has five levels and works very well to trim the chops, mustache and even for those who just want to trim the beard without removing it completely.



  • Waterproof
  • Quick, close and comfortable shaving
  • Recharge of 1h and operation of 45 min
  • Five-level modeler included
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Travel Lock Indicator
  • Cleaning indicator
  • Switchover indicator and heads
  • Fast charging (5 min for 1 use)


  • High Price
  • Only works with load (not plugged in)