Philips Walita Easy Speed Plus Review

Philips Walita Easy Speed Plus Review

Easy Speed ​​Plus is an excellent choice of ceramic-based steam iron.

The ceramic base is non-stick and slides well on different types of fabric. Distribute the heat evenly, preventing parts of the clothes from burning.

Its constant vapor emission capacity is up to 35 g / min and has the extra steam function of 100 g / min. Smoothes even thicker fabrics with less effort. The capacity of the water reservoir is reasonable: 270 ml.

It emits steam in the upright position, which is useful for dismantling thin clothes on the hanger and curtains.

It has dripping function, which prevents drops of water from spilling on the clothes as they are passed.

Fine nozzle, thin tip, and save buttons help you pass less accessible places, such as between folds or buttons. The cable is comfortable to hold. It has a modern design.

Equipped with self-disconnecting system, which causes the device to stop working in 8 minutes when left on the stand and in 30 seconds if it rests on the base, when not used.

It has a self-cleaning function, which must be used once a month to maintain the performance of the steam emission.

But as nothing can please everyone, some users complain about the length of the wire (1.9 m), which could be larger. The weight of the device is also seen by some as a negative point: 1, 15 kg.

Other than that, it is undeniable that it is a high quality steam iron, which offers a great value for money.



  • Emits a lot of steam
  • Ceramic base
  • Great value for money



  • Length of wire
  • Relatively heavy