LG Titan WD1316AD7 Review

This is the giant of the washing machines, we consider it the best lava and dries precisely because of its capacity, besides the amount of useful functions that it offers.

It is important to note that as in all lava and dry, the washing capacity is different from the drying capacity, in the case of Titan are 16Kg for washing and 9Kg for drying.

But it is worth remembering that this will not come out for a low price, no, it is very expensive! We only indicate if you really need your high capacity.


Samsung AddWash WF15K6500AV Review

For those who are willing to spend more to have a modern 15 kg automatic washer and with various special functions, the Samsung AddWash is a sensational choice.

Its differentials start with the front opening, rare features among the lava clothes sold in Brazil. Washing machines with this type of opening wash by tipping, which is more efficient and less aggressive to the fabrics.


Philips Walita Easy Speed Plus Review

Easy Speed ​​Plus is an excellent choice of ceramic-based steam iron.

The ceramic base is non-stick and slides well on different types of fabric. Distribute the heat evenly, preventing parts of the clothes from burning.

Its constant vapor emission capacity is up to 35 g / min and has the extra steam function of 100 g / min. Smoothes even thicker fabrics with less effort. The capacity of the water reservoir is reasonable: 270 ml.

It emits steam in the upright position, which is useful for dismantling thin clothes on the hanger and curtains.


Suggar Slim II DM61IX Review

The Suggar Slim II is another excellent stainless steel purifier for 4-burner stove, also available in the 80 cm version.

Its finest design is discreet and elegant. It weighs approximately 4.6 kg. It has no air-catching mask, perhaps for its proposal of being a more compact scrubber.

The panel is very simple and easy to clean, with control on push buttons.

It has suction capacity of 250 m 3 / h and power of 105 watts. Offers three speed options. It also has a lighting system.


Cadence Gran Tasty Review

The Cadence Gran Tasty is our chosen as the best electric barbecue because besides being the one with the largest useful area, it is also the most powerful.

It has a grill of 41.5cm by 58cm, which is very useful for those who like to barbecue for a larger number of people.

With 2200w it is the most powerful among competitors, this ensures that food assists faster.

It is also one of the ones that comes with the stand that allows you to use it outside tables or countertops.


Lorenzetti Acqua Duo Ultra Review

The Lorenzetti Acqua Duo Ultra has the same qualities as the Acqua Storm Ultra but an extra. It is potent, beautiful, has a great spreader and can still be used as a shower.

It is worth remembering that this extra functionality comes at a price, so if the shower mode will not be used by you or anyone in the family, the Acqua Storm Ultra turns out to be a more suitable option.

There are two power options for voltage 220v, 6800w and 7800w. Already for 127v is only one, 5500w. But they all do the job of heating the water well.


Philips Aquatouch S5420 Review

The Aquatouch S5420 has won the position of best electric razor because it is waterproof, shave efficiently, have interesting technological resources and have a recharge time of only 1h.

The design of the S5420 is also a differential, it is very beautiful and fits perfectly in the hand, leaving the task of shaving more comfortable. The head of the device is flexible and makes the blades fit the shape of the face, this speeds up the shaving process, leaves less aggressive and more close.


DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent Review

The 14500 BTU DeLonghi Pinguino Turbo Silent was chosen as the best portable air conditioner for us because it fulfills its role of freezing the environment.

Although the airflow of the Pinguino Turbo Silent is not the largest, 330 m³ / h.

The 14500 BTUs and its high power of 1400 w allow it to reduce the temperature of the environment considerably in a short time.

And incredible as it may seem it is also one of the quietest available in the market. The noise level of the conditioner is 51.5 to 54.5 Db.


Philco Rapid 1000 Review

The Philco Rapid 1000 is the most cost-effective vacuum cleaner if you compare with others with the same price range. 

It has 1000W of power which equals its brother Easy Clean. Allows greater cleaning if comparing with direct competitors.

One of the main advantages is having the HEPA filter, which Dust Off and Mondial do not have.

Its reservoir is only 1l, smaller than Britannia, yet the advantage of the filter is undeniable for those who are allergic.

There are 5 meters of wire which is a great size for house cleaning.


Meizu M5C Review

This review is a series of reviews of all cheap smartphones on the market today.

Meizu M5C has superior hardware, cameras and finishes to all smartphones within the same price range and even that many much more expensive ones.

It is no wonder that this product is also in our ranking of the best cheapest smartphone list.