Samsung AddWash WF15K6500AV Review

Samsung AddWash WF15K6500AV Review

For those who are willing to spend more to have a modern 15 kg automatic washer and with various special functions, the Samsung AddWash is a sensational choice.

Its differentials start with the front opening, rare features among the lava clothes sold in Brazil. Washing machines with this type of opening wash by tipping, which is more efficient and less aggressive to the fabrics.

The "Satinization" function allows you to disassemble, sanitize and deodorize clothes with steam. It is a very useful resource for those who have children, as it serves to sanitize stuffed animals.

And "EcoBubble ™" technology releases bubbles that optimize soap potency, allowing you to wash cold more efficiently. It also makes it possible to wash clothes with warm water.

It also has noise and vibration reduction system, which keeps the drum stable even at higher speeds.

It offers a total of 14 washing programs. The programs are selected by a rotary knob and the other functions are controlled by a very intuitive LED digital panel (with display).

It allows locking the door of the washing machine to avoid accidents during use, a necessary safety feature for machines with front opening.

The price of the Samsung AddWash gets far above all other models reviewed and this can be considered a weakness by some people.

However, we must emphasize that the quality, durability and functionalities of the product justify the price. Not to mention that the model has a 10-year warranty!



  • Tumblewashing
  • Wash with hot water
  • Deodorizes and dismantles clothes with steam
  • 10 year warranty


  • High Price