The 3 Best Devices for Transforming TV into Smart TV

Tv into SmartTV

If you don't have a Smart TV, you can transform it into a Smart using some types of handsets that allow the user to add smart TV features to a regular television.

There are plenty of this devices like Chromecast, Fire TV Stick and Microsoft Wireless Display adapter, and the TV box like Apple TV and Mi Box for example. We will talk a bit about the differences between them in the same matter.

We choose the 3 best option among the specific types and models when we are going to do a brief review on each one.

Why turn your television into smart?

Changin Your TV into Smart will allow you to watch movies, series, videos and programs using popular applications like Netflix, Youtube or HBO Play on your television.

In addition, you will also have the possibility to surf the internet through your TV.

In case you choosing a TV Android Box you will still have the possibility to store movie files that you own and even play games available to the platform operating system.


Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

Mi Box 4K won the first place because it is in our opinion the best TV box on the market. The Mi Box 4K offers a lot of possibilities to users and costs a very reasonable price for its quality.

In design it is simple and elegant. But small though, you'll have to reserve space to keep it close to the television.

The remote control is also beautiful and compact and has a microphone so you can do voice searches.

Inside it comes a Quad Core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. On the other hand, the Mi Box 4K has a USB port that serves to you to couple devices to increase the internal memory. 

So you have the possibility to download movies from wherever you want and store in the TV box.

Modest settings but the result in practice is an amazing performance.

The system is Android TV, clean, fast and easy to learn.

This model of Mi Box is capable of playing videos in 4K.Nowadays there are great options of external hard drives with very interesting prices.

Finally, if you want to turn your TV into Smart and look for the device that offers all the possibilities, our big suggestion is to Mi Box 4K.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

And in the third position, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a middle term between Dongle and Tv Box that caters well certain portion of users.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is ideal for anyone who just wants to use APP without storing files but does not like the idea of ​​using a Smartphone to control the device. The device has a small remote that works well for navigation in the system.

In addition, it has its own menu that is beautiful and easy to use.

In terms of design the TV Stick is simple but bigger than it looks, and in some cases it can become apparent even connected in the back of the TV.

The performance is very fluid and you will have no problems with the device in this regard.

But because the system is proprietary and not Android TV, you'll be limited to apps that are available from the Amazon store.

It is important to note that Netflix is ​​available but YouTube currently is not what is a big disadvantage.

Google Chromecast 2

Chrome Cast 2

Chromecast 2 is our choice as one of the best dongle, to transform your TV into Smart

It is ideal for anyone who does not want to store files on the device and does not mind using their smartphone or computer to stream the movies to the TV.

It has a very simple design and coupled to an HDMI port the TV is most often hidden behind the TV.

It does not have a menu, or own control, all actions must be controlled by a cell phone or by a computer.

However, setting up and using Chromecast is very easy, within minutes you may already be watching your favorite shows.

In addition, the vast majority of apps are compatible with, with the stiff exception of Amazon Prime Video.

The price is also interesting, being in general even cheaper than the Mi Box 4K (first in the list).

For the right audience, Chromecast offers great value for money.