Top 5 Best Laptops with the best Cost-Benefit


We analyzed 5 of the most global best-selling laptops for help you choose the best for you. All of them have great cost benefit.

All computers listed here already have the Windows OS, so if you like Linux, you may see a significant discount on the price of the same laptop.

We give preference to laptops with 15 and 14 inches of screen, regarding their greater versatility, but we will not leave out those of smaller or bigger screen, if they stand out in the comparison.

The technical criteria are: processor, RAM, hard disk, video card, weight, screen, resolution and outstanding features.

 Lenovo Ideapad 320 i7 16GB

The Lenovo Ideapad 320 80YH0000BR is the most powerful of them. If you want the maximum performance for the day to day and the cheapest possible, this just may be the laptop you are searching for. This notebook has a Core i7 7500U processor, 16GB of Memory RAM and the Geforce 940MX 4GB graphics card. Before you think that the Samsung X45 is as powerful such as this Lenovo model, notice that its video card is a Geforce 920MX with half the memory, 2GB. With this computer you will have very little limit on what you can do. So you can be sure that even heavy software (Adobe Bundle, Autocad, Video Editing, GIS Software, Flight Simulators) will run smoothly.

  • Samsung Expert X41

Samsung Expert X41

This laptop (Samsung Expert X41 NP300E5M-XF3BR) is also very cost-effective. Its performance is good, however its video card is a little lower than Lenovo's (940mx), Samsung uses the 920MX.

In terms of performance is a great laptop: Core i7 processor and 8GB of Memory RAM. Enough for most users, including those with the most severe use of features.

It is slightly more expensive than Lenovo which has almost identical configuration.  It has HDMI output, 2 USB, 1 USB 3.0 and RJ 45, also has integrated webcam. It does not have a card reader or DVD / CD player.

The laptop is made of a smooth plastic that feels rubbery and looks like it has a good quality.

  • HP 246 G6

HP 246 G6

The Hp 246 G6 has Core i5 processor, which is good, less powerful than the i7, but relatively powerful for daily activities.

The 8GB of memory is good, since even computers with an i7 processor rarely have more than that.

It has card reader, HDMI, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 and RJ 45.

Its screen is 14 inches, while it loses a bit if you will stay hours in front of it gains mobility, weighs 1.85kg.

The graphics card is the HD Graphics 620, which makes it a little less prone to heavy graphics activities, but some games you'll even get to play.

In addition, video card is also responsible for the basic resolution, are 1366 x 768, which still allows you to see streaming in HD resolution.

The biggest disadvantage is that the material of which it is made sounds cheap: a textured plastic, rough and hard.

In this way, we can consider this HP the cost-benefit of cost-effective notebooks. Here you will have the maximum configuration for the minimum price.

Acer Travel Mate

Acer Travel Mate

The biggest quality (Travel Mate TMP449-G2-M-513D) is the fact that Acer Travel Mate is very portable, the screen is 14 inches and weighs only 1.6kg.

It's a good notebook if you do not need great graphics. You can still edit photos and images and even sporadic video editing activities.

Its screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 which is enough to see streaming in HD.

Its Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM give it a good performance.

Samsung Essentials E34

Samsung Essentials E34

This is a basic computer from Samsung (Essentials E34 NP300E5L-KF1BR), so I rarely recommend it, but it's also one of Samsung's cheapest ones.

The purpose of this laptop is to be used to edit texts, not very large worksheets, internet browsing, but you can also watch movies and series on it.

My main caveats are that it has only 4GB of RAM, although it's enough for most basic activities, anyone looking for a smooth use of the computer may be irritated by some slowness.

This Samsung stood out in this price range because it is one of the cheapest to offer full HD resolution screen.

Just like other brand options is made of a lightly rubberized plastic.

Your Core i3 processor is good, however, make sure it will have some bottlenecks in use.

If your budget is tight and you need a laptop computer it is a good option.